DQA has extensive experience working in highly governed, tightly regulated and high-security environments. Our specialist governance, business process and delivery capabilities enable organisations to implement business and technology change in a controlled, safe and sustainable manner.

Federal Government

The DQA Government team has extensive experience working with Federal and State government agencies to deliver large scale business and technology change. Two of our key service offerings are aimed at helping government customers with business process and Microsoft cloud solutions. Many other partners simply deliver a technical solution. What makes DQA different is that we understand the challenges that Departments face when implementing significant changes and so we supplement our technical resources with experienced governance, program/project management and organisational change resources. We have proven time and again that this approach leads to faster and better customer outcomes.

DQA’s cloud credentials are unmatched in the Federal arena. We worked with Microsoft in 2018 to successfully deliver the first deployment of PROTECTED Office 365 for the Digital Transformation Agency. Partnering with Data#3, we also implemented GovTEAMS which was the first whole-of-Federal government Office 365 implementation. We are leaders in delivering PROTECTED M365 and Azure solutions and we are a key contributor to the current Microsoft Consumer Guidelines.

Financial Services

The DQA Financial Services team has broad based executive experience across Australia, the UK, and Europe covering leading full service banks, challenger niche service banks, and private banks. All of our consultants have gained their experience through a mix of industry and consulting roles – we don’t just talk the talk, we’ve walked the talk and we know how to roll up our sleeves to get things done in this environment. 

The cornerstone of our success is in driving delivery and customer improvement faster, using well honed execution management techniques gained in the most demanding of situations (e.g. Europe and UK in the aftermath of the GFC with extended regulatory and political impacts).

The practice has deep expertise in driving customer and bottom line value through deploying a broad range of capabilities in the areas of strategy delivery, program acceleration and recovery, transformation and change, and operations recovery and improvement alongside digital customer led process transformation. DQA can combine these capabilities to decrease your cost base whilst improving your customer advocacy and experience.


The DQA Utilities team bring 20 years experience in the Australian Utilities domain spanning whole of enterprise Transformation programs, major regulatory reforms, Advanced Metering and provision of strategic advice. The practice specialises in enabling the selection, design and delivery of quality solutions aligned to Australian market requirements and provide services in support of strategic assessment, program initiation, ongoing delivery and critical program recovery.

The team brings a deep understanding of the Australian regulatory environment with significant expertise in existing and developing regulations, market procedures and protocols having supported their development since the inception of electricity retail contestability in Victoria.